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How To Start Hiring

Start Today and Expand Your Horizons

Make an account with The Forest - easily set up your information with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn! Once you have an account, you may search through and contact your choice of freelancers!

  • How do I make an account?

    You may create an account by pressing Sign Up - alternatively, if you already have an account, simply log in and begin browsing.

  • What if I can't find the service I want?

    The Forest is always sowing more seeds and advertising to bring new talent to our front door - if the service you want cannot yet be found, please contact our team so that they can work on attracting the best freelancers for your needs.

  • How much do freelancers cost?

    Service costs vary by many factors, one of which is the rate that the freelancer chooses to charge. It is expected that more popular freelancers will charge higher rates.


Making Profit

Managing your Freelancer Account

We at the Forest want to maximize the profitability of service providers offered through our platform. If you provide services through our platform, you can learn different tips and tricks to maximize your earnings.

  • Should I check my account regularly?

    Yes! Customers will regularly send you messages asking for work to be done, so you should check through your notifications as often as possible - this allows freelancers to have time for the work that you are asked to do!

  • Is there anything I can do to increase my exposure?

    The Forest offers several products to its freelancers, including KYC badges and verified status, which allow clients to know that your services are trustworthy! We also offer other things, such as promotions of popular services and paid advertisement of your services on our front page!

  • How will I be paid?

    Due to our decentralised roots, Freelancers are paid directly in BNB (BEP-20).


Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team

Some services require larger teams of freelancers to work together. Find your core group with us.

  • How do I build a team?

    The Forest does not limit its users to communicating through our chat. You may communicate in whatever medium you wish after making initial contact through the Forest.

  • Does the Forest have everything I need to build a project?

    Freelancers of all kinds live within the Forest! Simply determine what your project needs (or hire a marketer to do it) and search through our services!

  • Can I continue to use different freelancers after I have hired them?

    You are free to contact the freelancers outside of the Forest after you have met them for future projects. You may also choose to find new freelancers through the Forest if you are looking to use someone new.